Hoppy Presidents Day: a History of Commanders-in-Beer

Happy Presidents Day! Whatever your feelings about the commanders in chief over time, we can all agree that the President of the United States usually deserves a cold one.

In honor of the holiday, I thought it would be fun to think about the beers certain presidents might have imbibed. Cheers!

A rattle-skull will do for George Washington

presidents day beer

Our first president, George Washington. Portrait by Gilbert Stuart [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

Commander-in-Chief No. 1 George Washington was a fan of whiskey, but one could argue he may have been partial to rattle-skulls. A rattle-skull is a colonial-era drink of beer mixed with liquor (likely rum, but hey, the nation’s president and quite important founding father can mix whiskey into whatever he wants).

Other colonial-era cocktails include flip (beer, rum, molasses, eggs or cream), sangaree (early sangria), and syllabub (wine or cider with egg whites or cream, sugar, and spices).

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Cooking with Blue Apron + Beer Pairings

We’re going to jump right into the “bites” portion of the blog with today’s post recounting my experience with the home-delivery meal kit service, Blue Apron.

blue apron homepage

Screenshot, Blue Apron homepage.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I pay for my subscription. I’m just sharing my experience – good and bad – with the company. 

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Middletown Brewery Visit and Flight + The Hop Knot and More!

This weekend embodied classic Bites ‘n’ Flights with stops at a Middletown brewery and The Hop Knot, a craft beer and pretzel bar, plus dinner at Eli Cannon’s Tap Room.

First off, if you’ve never been to Main Street in Middletown, you should add a visit to your to-do list. There are so many fun restaurants and bars, plus it’s the home of NoRA Cupcake Company, which is incredible (and also the vendor for our wedding cupcakes)!

A little ways off of Main Street stands an old factory-turned-brewery on Johnson Street. This building is home to not one, but two Middletown breweries: Forest City Brewery and Stubborn Beauty Brewing Company. My friends and I made a quick stop at Forest City to meet up with our other friend, Katie, who was finishing a flight. The place was PACKED so we decided to move onto Stubborn Beauty rather than wait in line for more beers and flights here (both breweries closed relatively early, and we only had a couple hours left to make the most of our time there).

So to Stubborn Beauty we went.

stubborn beauty growler middletown brewery

A 32-oz growler of Stubborn Beauty’s Happy Treez IPA, and a pint of Happy Treez.

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Brews in the News II!

It’s time for “Brews in the News,” a bi-weekly Bites ‘N’ Flights feature highlighting recent craft beer news. Here you’ll find local, national, and global stories covering my favorite topic: beer!

beer news

Brews in the News: marrying two of my main interests – beer and news.

Here are some beer-focused stories that caught my eye over the past two weeks. Enjoy!

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Super Bowl Beer + Snack Pairings

Hello and happy Friday before the Super Bowl! Before we get into suggestions for Super Bowl beer and snack pairings, let’s take a look at what each team means in terms of beer.

Sam Adams vs. SweetWater Brewing Company

Obviously, the beer that emulates the New England Patriots best is Samuel Adams. You’ll probably have your fair share of Boston Lager if you’re rooting for the Pats this Sunday. I’m particularly fond of the Sam Adams Cherry Wheat Ale.

sam adams patriots

Samuel Adams – the beer of Patriots. Photo by Sarah Nichols/FlickrCC.

Atlanta Falcons fans – well, I’m a New England girl through and through, but I do know of one Atlanta-based brewery that’s made a name for itself even up this far north: SweetWater Brewing Company. I can envision a falcon swooping down and taking off with that SweetWater fish.

sweetwater beer

SweetWater is the beer of Falcons. Photo by thoco77/FlickrCC.

Anyone around these parts who hate the Patriots (cough cough Giants/Jets fans cough) may want to consider trying SweetWater this weekend — luckily you can find it pretty easily in Connecticut.

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