Survey time!

Good morning!

Today's blog post comes in the form of a survey so you can get to know me a bit.

I took the idea from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers, who answered this A-Z survey a few weeks ago.


A – Age: 27

B – Baseball team: You might as well know now that I'm a serious Red Sox fan.

America's favorite pastimes: baseball and beer!

America's favorite pastimes: baseball and beer!

C – Current time: 4:57 p.m.

D –  Drink you had last: Starbucks green tea.

E – Easiest person to talk to: my fiancé, Jason.

He's especially easy to talk to after you feed him.

He's especially easy to talk to after you feed him.

F – Favorite song: Hey Jude is my ultimate favorite but I don't think I'll ever get sick of Uptown Funk (or, if you're a Potter-head like me, Dark Lord Funk).

G – Grossest Memory: I'm told that when I was little, I threw up in the car on the way to Stew Leonard's on a very hot summer day and it was terrible to clean up. I don't remember this.

H – Hometown: The lovely Connecticut shoreline city of Milford, Connecticut.

I – In love with: Jason of course!

mt wash

Here's a bad photo of us after climbing Mount Washington in New Hampshire.

J – Jealous of: People who thought to go to grad school right after undergrad. I'm currently pursuing a master's degree in digital marketing while working full-time. It is overwhelming.

K – Kindest person you know: A tossup between my Grandma Monica and my Aunt Susan. Grandma was hands-down the kindest person I've ever known. Susan – while she had her eccentricities – was without a doubt the most generous person I'll ever know personally.

L – Longest relationship: Jason. He proposed on our six-year dating anniversary and we'll have many more years to come.

M – Middle name: Marie.

N – Number of siblings: Two - Meg and Mike.

Here we are years ago at a dinner. Mike and I thought flat hair was in.

Here we are years ago at a dinner. Mike and I thought flat hair was in.

O – One wish: I really wish I could count singing among my talents.

P – Person you spoke to last on the phone: A potential DJ for my wedding.

Q – Question you're always asked: What do you do? (Mainly from my grandma, who doesn't understand how I work for a news operation but don't produce any news stories. I'm the social media person.)

R – Reason to smile: I have plans to go to Two Roads Brewery this weekend!

S – Song you last sang: I'm humming along to Glory from the movie Selma because it's playing at Starbucks.

T – Time you woke up: 7 a.m.

U – Undergrad studies: Journalism and communications.

V – Vacation destination: The White Mountain region in New Hampshire is my favorite vacation destination. Right now, I'm looking forward to a quick trip to Baltimore at the end of May for some baseball (Jason's an Orioles fan). Eventually we'll be planning a Caribbean honeymoon.

W – Worst habit: Not seeing a sentence through when speaking.


X – X-rays you've had: In addition to the ones they take at the dentist, I've had my chest X-rayed as well as my pinky finger when I broke it during a 5th grade basketball game (intense).

Y – Your favorite food: Salmon. I always order salmon.

Peach-salsa covered salmon I ordered at my cousin's wedding.

Peach-salsa covered salmon I ordered at my cousin's wedding.

Z – Zodiac sign: Capricorn.

So that's me. How about you? Gimme some answers to this survey in the comments! Are you a baseball fan? What's your favorite food? Planning any vacations? Let me know!

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