Weekend Recap: Two Roadin’

Good morning, and happy Leap Day!

Did you have a nice weekend? The highlights for me were a visit to Two Roads Brewery on Saturday, my mom's birthday dinner on Sunday and watching the Oscars. Here we go:


two roads toast

Jason and I had a wedding milestone to celebrate Saturday – we're officially booked for the big day, both at the church and reception venue! We also had an appointment with a photographer we really like, so we had a couple things to toast to. We met friends at Two Roads for food and drinks.

Jason was looking forward to burritos from the Green Grunion, the food truck setting up shop at Two Roads Saturday. They specialize in San Diego-style burritos – we were hooked after trying Green Grunion at Two Roads a few months ago. Sadly, they were sold out by the time we went to order. Jason was devastated. The nice folks who operate Green Grunion gave us consolation plantain chips (yum) and promised they'd be back at Two Roads this Saturday. We'll be there for the lunch wave. 

Plantain chips with spicy salsa, courtesy of the Green Grunion.

Plantain chips with spicy salsa, courtesy of the Green Grunion.

While the food situation was disappointing, the beer wasn't. In addition to a pint of Geyser Gose, a sour beer, I got a flight.


The flight (from left to right) started with Ol' Factory Pils: Two Roads describes it as "traditional in concept with a Two Roads twist…dry hops... We renovated a 100 year-old factory building and designed this Pils to have “extra” aroma…so, pardon the pun! Crisp…refreshing…refined."

It was crisp and smooth – a beer you could stick with for the evening.

Next up was the Espressway Cold-Brew Coffee Stout, one of Two Roads' newest seasonal beers. According to Two Roads, "we mixed a locally-roasted Ethiopian/Sumatra blend of beans with a rich oatmeal stout under pressure (like espresso but without the steam) using our German-built “Brewnik” device. The mixture is steeped for several days resulting in a true, cold-brewed coffee stout."

This, for me, was definitely a beer for to nurse on. It was smokey, roasted and best appreciated when taken in slowly. It smelled great – like when you first open a bag of coffee beans.

The third beer was Henry's Farm, a double bock lager that was made to honor the great grandfather of Two Roads' CEO. The brewery describes it as a "classic strong German lager with a robust body and a deep ruby red color. Two Roads' recipe uses a generous amount of toasted German and North American barley that is lightly balanced with floral hops."

That hint of floral was pronounced, in a good way – Jason called it "bouncy."

The fourth beer was a Two Roads seasonal (as was Henry's Farm) – Route of All Evil Black Ale. I didn't think I would like this one because it's dark, but I was pleasantly surprised by its smoothness. Two Roads calls it "a hefty Black Ale with profound malt and hop complexity. Neither Stout nor Porter, it will be its own thing – full-bodied, bold and black. Flavor characteristics of dark chocolate, mocha, molasses and dark fruits. Balanced by piney citrusy notes of Pacific Northwest hops."

Last – my favorite of the flight – was the S.H.O.P. Hollertauer Blanc. S.H.O.P. stands for "Single Hop Original Pilot." It's made with just a single hop variety and part of a series that's released in the Two Roads tasting room only, so you won't find it in a package store. Here's more information on the S.H.O.P. series.

The Hollertauer Blanc is an Extra Pale Ale and it tasted light and slightly fruity.


We celebrated my mom's birthday at Colony Grill in Milford. This place is all about pizza. If you want a salad, you need to order a salad pizza. That's how pizza-centric Colony Grill is.

We had about a dozen people to feed and ordered an assortment of pies: bacon, sausage, meatball, salad, anchovies, and hot oil.

Slices of salad and sausage pizza. Not pictured: the 100 other slices of pizza I ate.

Slices of salad and sausage pizza. Not pictured: the 100 other slices of pizza I ate.

I'm excited to dig into leftovers for lunch today.

Note to local readers: Colony will be serving a corned beef and cabbage pizza in March in honor of St. Patrick's Day. We tried to order it but it won't officially be on the menu until this week.

After dinner, we enjoyed fruit salad and popcorn as dessert/snacks for the Oscars. I always fill out a ballot – some years I'm spot-on but this time I bombed it. Oh well – happy "Spotlight," Leo, and Brie Larson won!

Have a great start to the week! Before you go, leave a comment about your weekend – did you enjoy any special bites and/or flights? Did you watch the Oscars? What did you think of Chris Rock's monologue?

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