Two things you need in your life

Hello, friends.

It's been a while.

The past couple of weeks have been a blur of school, work, school work, work work, a bad cold, and more work.

But I'm back. I underestimated the level of organization it takes to work full-time, attend school part-time, and maintain a blog. Now I know.

Please accept this picture of my dog looking suspicious as an apology. Her name is Izzie.

Please accept this picture of my dog looking suspicious as an apology. Her name is Izzie.

Anyway, even though I was on a blog hiatus, I didn't take any time off from searching out bites 'n' flights worth sharing. A couple weekends ago, Jason and I ventured to Two Roads Brewing Co. for a beer and a Green Grunion burrito.

You may remember me mentioning the Green Grunion – the last time we tried to get burritos, they had run out of food! We got to Two Roads around lunchtime this time around, and the Grunion had plenty of ingredients left.

Thank goodness, because a Green Grunion burrito is one of the two things I'm telling you that you need in your life. 

A loaded burrito. Yucca fries. A beer. What more could you want?

A loaded burrito. Yucca fries. A beer. What more could you want?

The Green Grunion serves San Diego-style burritos. According to this informative post on burrito culture, San Diego-style burritos are simple, meat-and-cheese driven burritos. The "California burrito" falls under the San Diego-style label but adds extras like guacamole and pico de gallo... and french fries!

We, however, prefer veggies to meat so we ordered up two of the Grunion's veggie burritos, made of grilled bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, guac, creme and cheese. It was perfection with a spicy kick (from the creme). The burrito was gigantic and even though I had little appetite after battling a cold for a few days, I ate it all anyway.

Now onto the second thing you need in your life: Bacon beer.

(I know I just wrote that we prefer veggies to meat, but when the opportunity presents itself, I try the bacon beer). 

This. You need it.

This. You need it.

Jason and I ventured up to the Waterbury area for a meeting a couple weekends ago and decided to head to Shebeen Brewing Company while we were in the area.

We each tried a flight of six of Shebeen's offerings, including the JavaPig Stout, which is brewed with oatmeal, coffee and bacon. I was skeptical at first, but it was surprisingly light. It finished with a bacon-tinged smokiness. For someone who hasn't had bacon in a long time, it was a treat.

Because I'm an amateur, I lost my notes for the other beers we tasted, but I can tell you a little about Shebeen's flagship cannoli beer.

Shebeen Brewing Company's generous flight.

Shebeen Brewing Company's generous flight.

The cannoli beer is in the last glass on the right. See the white stuff on the rim? That's powdered sugar. The beer is topped with chocolate shavings. It's rich with the caramel taste that defines a dessert beer. A must-try if you ever find yourself in the Waterbury area (the brewery itself is in Wolcott).

That's all for now – catch you later this week!


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