Will Run for Beer

My journey with running began nearly six years ago, when now-fiancé Jason announced he'd be running a five-mile Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning.

He's crazy, I thought, as I sat in my pajamas, watching the Macy's parade while I painted my nails.

Jason came away from that race with a free pint of hard-earned Redhook ale. I came away from that day with the start of the Holiday Season 15.

It was time to change my ways. I made an effort for a few years around the holiday season, running in various Turkey Trots with Jason, but the enthusiasm for running would fade away come Christmas. Not even a New Year's resolution could stoke any sort of passion for the sport (or any regular exercise).

Until now.

Worth running for.

Worth running for.

I knew I would one day commit to writing about the two things I love most: food and beer (preferably craft). That means eating a lot of good food and drinking a lot of good beer.

But, I have my health to maintain – and a wedding dress to feel my best in come June next year. So I made a promise to myself: I would run (and strength- and cross-train) so I could maintain a level of fitness that would allow for indulging (for the purposes of blogging, of course).

I would literally run for beer.

Luckily, the running world makes this easy. Many races I've run in, or plan to run in, include a free pint at the finish line. There is even a race coming up that's part of a series of 5Ks + craft beer festivals in one.

With friends after the Vicki Soto 5K, a time when we ran for beer.

With friends after the Vicki Soto 5K, a time when we ran for beer.

Plus, exercise and beer are closely linked in way that even science says is a good thing.

And here's a Runner's World piece that points out the specific benefits of enjoying a cold one (in moderation, of course) after logging your miles, including:

  • Beer can actually be hydrating and is made up of the carbs runners need to refuel
  • Beer contains important nutrients, like multiple B vitamins
  • Beer, like red wine, is comprised of a compound that lowers bad cholesterol and raises the good kind

With that in mind, the simple notion of "will run for beer" changed my attitude toward exercise in a way that no fitness magazine has before. It's been so effective that I even RAN AT NIGHT once because I didn't have time to fit the miles in during the day.

Photographic evidence that I ran at night once.

Photographic evidence that I ran at night once.

In an effort to truly commit to running for beer, I have the following races on my calendar to train for. Most come with beer at the end.

Not into running? Don't worry – hiking and yoga go well with beer, too. You'll see if you continue to follow along in my perennial pursuit of good beer.

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