Spotlight: Stony Creek Brewery

I've been to Stony Creek Brewery in Branford three times in the last week, so I figured it was time to share why it's a wonderful place to visit.

The obvious reason is it's a local brewery that serves craft beer. But let's get into the weeds, shall we?

Stony Creek is located right on the Branford River, within walking distance from Branford Center. The two-story brewery, which opened in 2015, includes a taproom on the first floor and a special events room (they call it the "Celebration" room) on the top floor. Both stories include decks overlooking the river, and there's outdoor space for yard games and fire pits.

Plus, local food trucks set up shop each day in the parking lot. You can tell it's going to be an a-maz-ing spot to hang out at come summer.

The brewery is known for its "aggressively laid-back" beer. My favorite right now is RIPE & Cranky, a variation of Stony Creek's flagship Cranky IPA. Ripe & Cranky is blended with fresh-pressed blood orange juice, creating a bright, bold and lip-smacking good beer.

Sun Juice... I'm a fan, but it's no RIPE & Cranky.

Current favorite: RIPE & Cranky.

I'm also a fan of the Dock Time lager, which is smooth, crisp and goes down easy. It's dark, but don't let the hue fool you. You could drink this lager all day (but I wouldn't advise that unless you have nowhere to go and someone has been assigned as designated driver!)

Mhmm... Dock Time.

Mhmm... Dock Time.

Dock Time is a year-round staple at Stony Creek, and RIPE & Cranky is a relatively new collaboration with New Haven's RIPE Craft Juice. Stony Creek also offers an impressive rotation of seasonal beers, like Snow Hole and Sun Juice. I haven't had Snow Hole in a few months but had my first pint of Sun Juice, a Belgian summer ale. It's good, but I prefer the punchiness of RIPE & Cranky.

Sun Juice... I'm a fan, but it's no RIPE & Cranky.

Sun Juice... I'm a fan, but it's no RIPE & Cranky.

Another reason to love Stony Creek: Namaste & Drink a Beer!

Every week, bartender Lisa (who moonlights as a yoga instructor – or is it the other way around?) teaches an hour-long yoga class in the Celebration room. For $15, you take the class and follow up with a pint of the beer of your choosing. The class is held on Tuesdays (but it may move to Sundays).

This was the motive for my third visit to Stony Creek in a week.

Don't mind if I do!

Don't mind if I do!

I'm a yoga newb, but I thought the class was easy to follow along and I got the stretch my poor neglected legs needed after a week of tough runs.

Enjoying a complementary round with a few girlfriends was the perfect way to cap my Tuesday night.

Have you ever been to Stony Creek? What do you think? 

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