Brewport: a place for history, great beer, and incredible pizza

I got my first taste of Brewport, Bridgeport's latest addition to the Connecticut craft beer scene, on Friday night. We celebrated my friend Lindsay's birthday over pizza and beers.

Brewport bar

A look at Brewport's bar... the place is huge!

Fun story: The Brewport building is the site of the former Fairfield County News warehouse, which printed and distributed newspapers and other publications across the state. Most of what's inside Brewport – the tables, the woodwork, the rails – are repurposed material from the the newspaper plant. The brewery sits just a few blocks away from the Connecticut Post's office. It's a pretty neat place for craft beer enthusiasts and journalists alike!

Brewport brews its own beers and hosts other breweries' offerings on tap as well. I took advantage of tasting as many of Brewport's beers as possible with a flight – a hefty collection of four 7-oz pours.

brewport menu

Another fun fact – the Connecticut Post newspaper was once known as 'The Bridgeport Post.' Featured beers, from left to right: Blood Orange Blonde Ale, Seventh Inning SIPA, Schleuter Dunkleweiss, and the Hartmann Golden Age Ale.

My favorite was the Seventh Inning Session IPA. It was not too hoppy, and light, and very refreshing. As the name implies, this is a ball game beer. It's the drink of choice for a lazy late summer baseball game – you can keep on drinking this from the first pitch until they shut down the bar in the seventh inning.

I also had the Blood Orange Blonde Ale – a citrusy, beachy beer I look forward to enjoying in the summer; the Dunkleweiss – a malty brew that goes down easy; and the Hartmann Golden Age Ale, a double IPA that had quite the hoppy kick to it. I took a sip of Lindsay's Dr. Porter's Stout, too – a mouthful of chocolate and coffee. It's a delicious dessert beer (or maybe a late afternoon pick-me-up!)

Now, onto the pizza. Oh, the pizza.

Brewport pizza

A glorious mashed potato bacon pie from Brewport.

I have been spoiled all my life with my proximity to Modern, BAR, Pepe's, and Sally's – the crowning purveyors of New Haven-style pizza. Ultra-thin, crispy, brick-oven-baked crust is the hallmark of this kind of pizza. You can't find this outside of New Haven or its neighboring towns. Luckily for Fairfield County, Brewport's Brewmaster Jeff Browning spent 15 years making BAR the renowned brew pub it is today. Clearly he knew that BAR's incredible would complement Brewport's brewing operations very well, and so Brewport crosses county lines with its pizza menu.

I ordered a white pie with mashed potato and bacon on it, and it smelled so incredible that I couldn't wait to snap a photo until after my first slice. Luscious lumps of mashed potato combined with crispy bacon, creamy mozzarella, and hints of garlic and parmesan to produce a pizza that fed me all weekend. I wish I still had some. It was so good. Please go order this. Now.

We also ordered an antipasto salad, which was gigantic and could have easily fed a table of 15.

brewport antipasto

Brewport's antipasto salad. It was HUGE.

Lightly dressed with a ton of classic Italian toppings – olives, ham, pepperoni, artichokes, red pepper, etc. – it provided tasty greens to complement our pizzas.

happy birthday lindsay

Me and Lindsay! Happy birthday Lindsay!

So, that's Brewport. A place that combines history, great beer, amazing food, and a really cool atmosphere to make for a fun night out with friends. Happy birthday Lindsay! Great job choosing your birthday plans!

Have you ever been to Brewport? What was your favorite beer? Did you try the pizza? 


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