Spotlight on Women in the Craft Beer Industry

March is Women's History Month, a time when we celebrate women's contributions to society, culture, and history. The movement grew out of a California school district's weeklong celebration of women in 1978. Women's History Month has been observed annually since 1987, and International Women's Day is March 8.

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I am a woman and I love the craft beer industry (and its products!)

In honor of Women's History Month, I'm highlighting some terrific women and lady-led organizations in the craft beer industry.

Let's get the obvious out of the way first. Though the craft beer industry is certainly a male-dominated one, women are edging their way in. According to the Brewers Association, females ages 21-34 account for 15 percent total craft beer volume. They're becoming head brewers and opening breweries and generally ushering in the next phase of the craft beer industry.

A cursory search of Facebook is quick to reveal pages dedicated to the idea that yes, women are knowledgable about craft beer, and drink it. "Real Women Drink Craft Beer," "Barley's Angels, Women & Beer," and "Ladies of Craft Beer" are just a few pages to check out. This search led me to the...

Pink Boots Society

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The Pink Boots Society logo. (source)

The Pink Boots Society was created to help female beer professionals further their careers in the industry through education. The creators and members are brewers, brewery owners, beertenders, packagers, distributors, beer writers, beer bloggers... they cover every aspect of the industry. The Pink Boots Society has chapters all around the world – look up your closest chapter here!

Girls Pint Out

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The Girls Pint Out logo. (source)

Girls Pint Out is a national organization dedicated to getting women together to drink craft beer. They have local chapters (including a chapter for the Nutmeg State!) and organize meet-ups for members at various breweries and pubs across the state. Membership to your local Girls Pint Out chapter is free! Only requirements: You're a lady who loves beer and good company.

The Beeroness

Jackie Dodd, the woman behind the award-winning beer and food blog "The Beeroness," is the ultimate Bites and Flights hero. She cooks with craft beer and shares her recipes (and beer pairings) with the people. Talk about a dream career! She has also authored two cookbooks, which I am buying immediately: The Craft Beer Cookbook and The Craft Beer Bites Cookbook.

The Girl and Her Beer

I love FebruSummer.

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"The Girl and Her Beer" is a craft beer blog featuring incredible beer photography by "The Girl," Steph. She's also a contributor to "Good Beer Hunting" and shares her gorgeous images over on Instagram. Give her a follow: @mulvatronn.

Lady Justice Brewing

Lady Justice Brewing is a Colorado-based craft brewery with a wonderful story. It was founded by three women – Kate Power, Betsy Lay, and Jen Cuesta – who worked together at a non-profit and discovered how challenging it was to sustain funding. Over some beers, Kate and Jen thought it would be fun to brew beer, sell it, and use that money to help their community. What a genius idea! And thus, Lady Justice Brewing was born – an idea that can certainly be replicated the world over!

True to its name and background, Lady Justice Brewing donates profits through grants to local organizations that empower women and girls. Learn more about what they do here.

I'm barely scratching the surface with this post, because we know there are thousands and thousands of wonderful women beer writers, bloggers, brewery owners, beertenders, beer-yoga instructors, brewers, home brewers, and more out there. So tell me, which lady beer lover in your life would you give a shoutout to? Share in the comments! 

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  2. Check out She's Crafty Chicago, an all-female craft beer appreciation club in its third year!
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      Nice!! Now I have an excuse to visit Chicago!!

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