Still Hill Brewery: Rocky Hill’s Hidden Gem

Tucked away in an industrial/business complex in Rocky Hill is true hidden gem: Still Hill Brewery, a microbrewery and tap room that opened just over a year ago.

still hill brewery interior

Still Hill Brewery is very cozy and rustic.

I was really impressed with Still Hill Brewery's attention to detail with its decor. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but you'd think you walked into a beautiful rustic space dedicated to the production and consumption of beer. There's a mural (pictured above) and burlap accents throughout the tasting room. The staff at Still Hill Brewery certainly made the most of their space and utilized someone's (or a few someone's) artistic talents to make it feel less like a warehouse and more like a brew pub.

While the decor and aesthetics were lovely, my purpose at Still Hill Brewery was, of course, to taste the beer.

still hill brewery hashtag

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I ordered a flight featuring both year-round and seasonal beers. (FYI: Still Hill also pours wines and cider, in case you're in the company of any non-beer drinkers). Here's what I thought:

  • Red Storm Ryseing (year-round): This was my favorite! I bought a growler to take home. Red Storm is a delicious, deep amber ale with hints of black cherry. I thought it was smooth and thirst-quenching with a malty finish.
  • The Nut on the Hill (seasonal): This Northern English Brown Ale was clean tasting and not too malty.
  • Muga Joe Coffee Stout (seasonal AND a new release): First off, I ordered this and pronounced it Moo-ga Joe when it's clearly Mug-a Joe (like a mugga coffee, get it?). D'oh. Anyway, this stout is brewed with local coffee from So. G. Coffee Roasters in South Glastonbury. It was a hearty and distinctly coffee-tasting, and not weighed down by any other kinds of flavors. I appreciated its simplicity.
  • Still Hill IPA (year-round): This is a juicy IPA with a slightly bitter aftertaste.
still hill brewery flight

A Still Hill flight.

So that was my first visit to Still Hill Brewery. It is a great place to hang out with friends, especially if you're arranging a meet-up between people spread across the state. It's centrally located, just a couple miles off I-91, has giant Jenga, and awesome beer!

Your turn: Have you ever been to Still Hill Brewery? What'd you think? 

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  1. Rosalie Koller
    You should try Brass Works Brewing in Waterbury and Cold creek up in Ellington.
    • Cate
      Will do – thanks for the suggestions!
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