Will Run for Beer: 2017 Edition

It may not look like it, considering the mounds of grungy, dirty snow enveloping the streets and sidewalks, but it's spring! And spring means the start of racing season! Which really means, it's time to run for beer!

run for beer 5K

We ran and were rewarded with beer!

But before I get into my running plans for this year, I just want to share two beers I tried this weekend.

First up, the new-to-me Irish Red Ale from Thomas Hooker Brewery. I tried this while catching up on some March Madness at Local Kitchen & Beer Bar on Sunday.

run for beer irish red ale

The Irish Red Ale, brewed by Thomas Hooker Brewery.

I'm not sure if it was the beer itself or the tap at Local, but this tasted a bit flat to me. It had a coppery aftertaste that makes sense for a red ale but I don't think this was poured from the freshest batch. I'll have to see if I can get my hands on it again before this seasonal is gone for the year.

I continued observing St. Patrick's Day weekend with a flight at DuVig, which included their new Irish Red Ale.

run for beer duvig red ale

Here's a close-up of DuVig Brewing Company's Irish Red Ale.

Now this Irish Red Ale was fresh, and less coppery than Hooker's. It was clean and highly drinkable. Stop by before it's gone for the year!

OK, back to running.

When we last "spoke" about the topic, I had just run the New Haven Craft Brew Race, a 5K followed by a beer festival. I briefly mentioned running the Hartford Half Marathon in October in my post about balance. I also ran the Madison Turkey Trot which, of course, ended with a pint of Red Hook ale. I think the post-marathon party was serving Harpoon, but I don't remember because I was pretty out of sorts (my shorts ripped halfway through the race and I had some serious chafing issues)... I still drank my complimentary beer, though, and then handed a leftover beer ticket to someone who would have enjoyed it more than I could at the time. Sad.

half marathon beer

I look happy, but I was dying inside. I took the 'no new clothing' on race day lesson too literally – these shorts were too far gone for 13.1 miles.

I have since taken time off running and focused on strength training, but I am ready to rock some 2017 races!

First up is the Mystic 10K. Jason will be running the half marathon, and the starting gun goes off for both races at 7 o'clock in the morning, the day after my high school reunion! Fun!

We didn't want to miss this race because it was sold out last year and we had really wanted to run it, so whatever! Since it starts so early, I'm not sure there will be beer at the end, but we'll plan to hang out around Mystic and grab some celebratory brews at beer'd brewing, Outer Light, and Cottrell Brewing Company.

After that I get married and haven't thought much past June yet, but I might be crazy enough to train in the summer for another fall half marathon (likely Hartford), and will definitely be doing this year's Craft Brew Race in New Haven. And, of course, a turkey trot to round out the year.

What are your run-for-beer plans for 2017? 

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