Counter Weight Brewing Company: Hamden’s Newest Hot Spot

Counter Weight Brewing Company is one of the latest additions to Connecticut's craft beer scene. I unwittingly visited the tap room on Saturday, the first day it opened (though the folks at Counter Weight Brewing have been selling cans out of their facility for at least a short while now).

The brewery's word-of-mouth (and social media) advertising paid off because the tap room was packed on Saturday. While Counter Weight Brewing wasn't filling growlers or offering official flights this first weekend, the line for pints snaked from the tap room and into the area.

You know the beer is good when the line for pours snakes out the door!

Luckily, the beertenders were quick and the wait for beer was no more than five minutes. Despite what the line portrays, the tap room is actually a pretty large space with tables, chairs and barrels to stand around. Later they opened the second floor tap room, which is a cool space that could potentially serve as a venue for special events.

I had a pour of the Mixed Cassette Grissette, a style I had yet to try (or heard of) in my beer career so far. A grissette is similar to a saison and was originally brewed to quench the thirst of Belgian coal miners. Good enough explanation for me.

Counter Weight Brewing Company's Mixed Cassette Grissette.

Thanks to the Mixed Cassette, I've found an alternative to saisons that I enjoy. Saisons are OK, but they can taste syrupy, which I don't like. This grissette is not syrupy or flowery – it may have hints of a saison taste but it's much crisper and cleaner.

Jason and I did some exploring before getting our second round (by the time we went back up to the bar, there was no line since people discovered the upstairs tap room). We checked out the machinery from the second floor walkway and got a bird's eye view.

Brewing in action!

The people we're spying on were buying cans of Counter Weight Brewing's offering.

It appears the facility was once home to a gym. I like the space better as a brewery.

No more dumbbells here!

We capped off our visit with a pint of the Workhorse Pilsner, which was delightfully thirst quenching.

A pilsner fit for a workhorse.


Have you ever tried a grissette? What did you think? 


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