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It's that time again. “Brews in the News” is a bi-weekly Bites ‘N’ Flights feature highlighting recent craft beer news. This is where you’ll find local, national, and global stories covering my favorite topic: beer!

Without further ado, the craft beer news you might have missed this week:

PizzaCo Opens in Stratford via CTBites

OK, this isn't exactly craft beer news, but I know fans of Two Roads will appreciate this story. The old, defunct gas station across the street from the brewery is now a "garage-fired" pizza place created by celebrity chef Bruno DiFabio! Now you have a really close option for pizza to bring into Two Roads while you enjoy your beer.

A New Trend? San Diego Brewery Among First to Brew Beer with ‘Toilet’ Water via Lonely Planet

Stone Brewing in San Diego recently released its fittingly named Full Circle Pale Ale, brewed with recycled wastewater. The release was part of a city initiative to provide one-third of San Diego's water locally by 2035 – obviously, that's going to take some creativity to accomplish. The batch was gone within 20 minutes so it can't have tasted bad.

craft beer news toilet

Would you drink beer made from toilet water? Photo by dirtyboxface/FlickrCC

‘Beer box’ with 50 Taps for Maine Brews Going to Iceland Aboard Eimskip via Portland Press Herald

A years-long effort between the Maine Brewers Guild and Eimskip, an Icelandic shipping company, has resulted in Maine beer being shipped off to Reykjavik and Europe – and in the summer, New Englanders can get their taste of Icelandic beers in Maine.

Behold, the Resealable Craft Beer Can via Food & Wine

I'm embarrassed to admit that I sometimes put half-finished cans and bottles of beer  back into the fridge and yes, I do drink them the next day and no, they don't taste very good.  A resealable craft beer can would certainly solve this issue for me (and I'm sure there are others who share in this dumb situation).

Hold My Beer... Never Mind, I Got This via The Chive

A delightful collection of GIFs showing people accomplishing amazing feats with a beer in hand.

two roads flight

Becoming a cicerone is a life goal any beer enthusiast should consider.

How to Get Certified as a Beer Expert via Food & Wine

Everything you need to know to become a cicerone!


Your turn: What's the best beer news you read this week? 


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