Enjoying a Flight at Outer Light Brewing Company

A recent trip to the Mystic area landed me at Outer Light Brewing Company, a small operation that opened in 2015 in the sleepy seaside town of Groton. It was bustling on a Saturday afternoon, but my eternal drinking buddy Jason and I were served quickly and got to work on our flights.

outerlight brewing

An afternoon at Outer Light Brewing Company is an afternoon well spent.

Note: You get to write your choices directly onto the paddle! I thought this was neat.

For a small, relatively new place, Outer Light has an excellent selection – even though there were four IPA/DIPAs, which are not my favorite, I was able to fill an entire flight with other varieties of beer!

There were 10 beers on tap, though by time we arrived, they had run out of the Hopsteady Red Rye Pale Ale. I chose the Lonesome Boatman, Ninja Trail, Sweet Summer and No Lifeguard on Duty for my flight.

Outer Light Brewing Company flight

You write your own flight at Outer Light.

Here's what I thought of these Outer Light Brewing Co. beers, from left in the photo above:

  • Lonesome Boatman, an amber ale – This was smooth and balanced and minimally bitter. It had that bread-y taste that I like, but it's hard to describe. It's one of Outer Light's year-round offers.
  • Ninja Trail, a green tea pale ale – Ninja Trail, on the other hand, is an experimental summer brew. I was intrigued by the green tea and knew I had to try it! The scent of green tea wafts by as you bring the glass to your lips. It tastes like green tea steeped in beer – exactly as presented. It might sound wacky, but I enjoyed it. What's the craft beer scene without a little intrigue and creativity?
  • Sweet Summer, a blueberry honey blonde ale – This started tart and finished sweet, with that tangy blueberry taste tempered by luscious honey. A great beach beer!
  • No Lifeguard on Duty, a pale ale – Easy-to-drink, thirst-quenching lemon-y beer.
Outer Light Brewing Company blueberry honey

Outer Light's Sweet Summer, a blueberry honey blonde ale.

It was difficult to choose between Ninja Trail and Sweet Summer, but I settled on the latter for my post-flight pint. I look forward to checking out Outer Light's fall concoctions!

Have you been to Outer Light Brewing Co.? What did you think? 

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