Happy American Beer Day + a New Way to Drink Beer

It's Oct. 27, and apparently that means it's American Beer Day! I hope you go out and celebrate accordingly, by drinking some of America's finest beer.

Might I suggest Roadsmary's Baby pumpkin ale from Two Roads? It is the weekend before Halloween, after all.

american beer day two roads

That's actually a photo of Roadsmary's Stepchild, a sour pumpkin ale from Two Roads, but it doesn't appear to be on tap anymore.

Now, for a new way to drink beer – on American Beer Day, no less.

I recently had the opportunity to try out some products from Craft Cups*, a Boston area-based startup that's looking to make craft beer more accessible to all, starting with disposable, recyclable cups.

Craft Cups makes 16-oz pints and 6-oz tasters (which would be perfect for the next backyard beer tasting!)

american beer day craft cups

An 6-oz taster from Craft Cups.

I brought both to a recent housewarming party where a keg of Sam Adams Oktoberfest awaited. People appreciated the alternative to red Solo cups. As the Craft Cups motto goes, your craft beer is too good for a red cup!

american beer day craft cups pint

See? Look at how stupid that red cup looks next to a Craft Cups pint.

After giving both the tasters and pints a try, here's the feedback myself and some other guests came up with.

  • The curved shape and wide mouth of the tasting cups provided a good advantage over your usual tiny tasters. No more dribbling your precious beer sample all over your shirt.
  • Pint-sized cup is superior to Solo cup for sheer volume, as well as the curved shape – makes it much easier to hold onto your cup.
  • The thick rim on both kinds of cups acts like reinforcement, ensuring against spillage as you take a sip.
  • The tulip shape helps emphasize the quality of the beer you're drinking and is a great vessel for all kinds of beers. Having a disposable and recyclable version of a tulip glass is a win for all.
  • Drinking out of a Craft Cup feels classier – you can see what you're drinking!

You can learn more about Craft Cups at their website and follow them on Facebook for updates.


*Note: This is not a sponsored post, nor was I paid to review these cups. Craft Cups sent me a set of tasters and pints to try, and I wanted to share what I thought with my fellow craft beer fanatics.

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