Beers and Trivia at Cliffside Brewing in Wallingford

What's better than visiting a new brewery with friends on a Friday night? How about playing a few rounds of trivia with friends while checking out Cliffside Brewing?

That's what I got to do over the weekend. I hadn't been to Cliffside yet, which opened in Wallingford in the fall. It's a small nano-brewery right in the heart of Wallingford's downtown area.

It's an incredible spot for a brewery – it's part of the Wallingford bar crawl scene, with takeout options aplenty within walking distance. While it's little and the taproom fills up quickly, the trade-off is you don't have to drive to a random industrial park with nothing nearby!

(There is nothing wrong with that, of course. But it's pretty cool to have a craft brewery in such a prime, walkable location.)

I caught wind via Facebook that the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month are trivia night at Cliffside Brewing, so I gathered the troops to form our team: That Maibock Music.

While we played through five rounds of trivia, I enjoyed a flight of four of Cliffside's offerings (and free popcorn!).

cliffside brewing flight

A flight and (free!) popcorn at Cliffside Brewing in Wallingford.(and 

From left:

  • Batch 53: Red Ale (5.7% ABV) – This slightly hazy red ale smelled like apples to me, and had a heavy malt finish and, according to my notes, a pop-rocks feel.
  • Batch 52: Brown Ale (5.4% ABV) – Cliffside's Brown Ale tasted of caramel and chocolate malt, had a velvety feel and smelled nutty.
  • Batch 55: New England IPA (6.9% ABV) –  The New England IPA's color reminded me of pineapple rind. Fittingly, it smelled tropical and it was quite hoppy, but cut with citrus.
  • Batch 50: Winter Ale (5.6% ABV) – Cliffside's Winter Ale is a beautiful, rich molasses color. It smelled and tasted strongly of cinnamon. I wish I had tried it before Christmas – it would have helped put me in the spirit.

I also had a few sips of Batch 56, the Honey Blonde Ale (5.0% ABV, tasted like honey that is also beer) and Batch 54, a Maibock (6.6% ABV, creamy, muted malt taste). I think the Maibock was my favorite.

As for trivia – That Maibock Music tied for third. It was an interesting array of topics, from TV theme songs to celebrities' birth names to a weird round about animals. My only suggestion is to impose time limits for teams to turn in their answer sheets after each round. (Keep in mind that I was playing with some serious trivia participants and am a stickler for rules).

Overall, it was a perfect rainy Friday evening activity. 10/10, would drink Cliffside beer and play trivia again.


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