Welcome to Bites 'n' Flights! I'm so glad you stumbled upon my tiny corner of the Internet.

My name is Cate and I love to eat good food and drink good beer.

Really, though, who doesn't love those things?

Let me tell you a little bit about myself – and why I'm here.

I started to read blogs regularly a few years ago after coming across Peanut Butter Fingers via Pinterest. Through Julie I discovered Caitlin, Kath and Anne and was enamored by this community of amazing, health-conscious women who share a bit of their lives every day.

One of the many bites to come on this blog.

One of the many bites to come on this blog.

My "blogs to read" bookmark grew to the unwieldy monstrosity it is today, and I decided it was time to join this community I love and get back to my writer's roots.

Storytelling has always been my greatest strength, and it led me to study journalism and communications in college. Nowadays you'll find me running social media operations for a local news organization – an awesome job, but I don't do as much writing as I used to. So here I am.

Now when my grandma asks me every week if I'm doing any writing, I have something to show her! 

Plus, my home state of Connecticut is quickly becoming quite the little foodie and beer scene. It's an exciting time to be a late 20-something in the Nutmeg State!


Throwing in a flight for good measure.

While I intend for this blog to mostly chronicle adventures in bites (food) and flights (beer), expect to find some fitness, slice-of-life and wedding planning-related (more on that later) posts sprinkled in here and there. Bear with me as I learn to go above and beyond my very basic photography skills and we'll be fast friends.

Thank you for stopping by!